03.10.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

It's time for lazy, casual fans like me to sit up and pay attention to college basketball.  This is the time of the year where I read up on all the conference tournaments, learn to spell Michael Beasley's name, and prepare to flip a coin over the 8-9 seed matchups in my bracket.  Thankfully, suckers like Dan Shanoff watched college basketball all season long, and they're willing to share their accumulated knowledge with gambling tourists like me.  Here's a summation of Shanoff's NCAA hoops round-up in today's Wake-Up Call:

  • Drake is the hot Cinderella pick this year.
  • UNC's win over Duke is key for "in-state regional placement next Sunday."
  • UNC, UCLA, Tennessee, and Memphis are the expected #1 seeds.
  • Something about bubble teams, and some other stuff.  My attention span ran out.

Whatever you do, just don't listen to the experts when you make the picks in your bracket.  Experts try to be all smart and pick every single upset and a surprise Cinderella, but the surest way to win a reasonably-sized pool is to side with the favorites and hope at least three of your heavyweights get to the Final Four.  Because nothing caps off the NCAA season like hardly watching any of it, then winning money from someone who actually gives a shit.

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