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You know what would be totally unnecessary and barely watchable? A TV show that rips off Bravo’s atrocious “Real Housewives” series — with NASCAR wives!  What’s that?  It’s gonna be on TLC?  Hooray.

The first episode airing this month includes Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, sister of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his main business adviser; DeLana Harvick, married to driver Kevin Harvick; and Shana Mayfield, wife of driver Jeremy Mayfield…

Networks love this kind of “reality television” because costs are low compared with traditional series – and because viewers seem to have an insatiable appetite to watch other people engage in stunts along the lines of shopping, stammering, sighing and furiously abusing cell phones.

Wow, how do the networks always know exactly what I want?  “This show was okay, but I’d like to see more crazy stunts.  Stunts like shopping, and sighing.  Oh definitely more sighing.  I’m powerless NOT to watch!”

(Via From the Marbles. Pictured: Jeff Gordon’s wife Ingrid Vandebosch)

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