Oh My… That’s The Undertaker’s Music!

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10.26.10 8 Comments

While UFC 121 took place on Saturday night and I wanted to post this yesterday, I took the Dolphins’ loss to Pittsburgh out on a street curb Sunday night and spent a little time in the ER with a sweet concussion. The moral of the story is that I am not Peter Pan after all. Anywho, the big news was Brock Lesnar losing his heavyweight title to Cain Velasquez by a first round TKO, and the subsequent big news was UFC President Dana White responding to criticism that UFC marketing was exploiting Velasquez’s Mexican heritage. But that’s all boring compared to the real highlight of the night – Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway jaw-to-jaw with Lesnar after the fight.

The most intense epic spectacular staredown video after the jump.

OK, well not really, but you can see for yourself what actually went down. Some people are hypothesizing that Undertaker was there to set up a small feud for Wrestlemania 27, and others are saying there might be actual beef between the two. You know, there’s also a possibility that the Undertaker is simply a fan of the sport. That doesn’t necessarily explain why he asks, “Do you want to do this?” but the guy’s a redneck from Houston and makes his living dressing up like a Satanic leader and motorcycle gang member. There’s a good chance he just wanted to fight someone. I’m just surprised it wasn’t the Mexican.

(Video via Fanhouse)

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