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UFC Hall-of-Famer Ken Shamrock failed a steroid test, according to an announcement from the California State Athletic Commission Wednesday night. To be fair, Shamrock has failed at lots of things in life, and he has a pattern for this sort of thing:

He failed a drug test taken prior to his Feb. 13 victory over Ross Clifton in Fresno, Calif. Shamrock is now suspended from all mixed martial arts competition nationwide through Feb. 1, 2010.

Shamrock, 45, will have the chance to appeal his failed test with the California commission. He tested positive for norandrosterone, noretiocholanolone and stanozolol.

Shamrock (27-13-2) ended a five-fight losing streak when he forced Clifton to submit in the first round of their bout.

Steroids in fighting, to me, is not the same as steriods in baseball or football. Maybe because strength is more of a factor in the former than in the big team sports. Maybe it’s because the losers in baseball don’t get their brains beaten in. But this is bigger than A-Rod, I think — one of the alread-fallen leaders in a sport that he helped create and popularize…busted for roids. And while I was never a big fan of Shamrock himself, I’m saddened by this latest (and probably last) nail in his very intense coffin.

I feel worse than when Cory Lidle flew an airplane into that building. At least you could joke about that

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