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We deliver your college baseball post for 2009 on the heels of one public university in Columbus, Ohio being pummeled by Florida State as the Seminoles advanced to their super regional yesterday. And we could spend the rest of this post quoting the ridiculous stat lines that came out of this game:

  • Florida State shortstop Stephen Cardullo went 7-for-9 with 5 RBIs
  • The Seminoles went 38-for-65 as a team (.585), with seven walks
  • The Seminoles led 32-0 at one point in the fifth inning; FSU scored 11 runs in the fifth
  • Ohio State’s starting pitcher Jared Strayer had a game ERA of ∞ after allowing seven earned runs before being pulled without recording a single out (oh, and he only faced seven batters)
  • Weather was listed on the boxscore as: “Weather: More hotter, sunnier, nicer.”

Ohio State faced the Seminoles after being Georgia earlier in the day. Florida State was the Buckeyes’ fourth opponent in three days. And I think it was Ben Franklin that said Big Ten teams and prostitutes begin to stink after three days. Not that Franklin was an authority on those things; being from the Midwest and having syphilis really cancel each other out when you think about it.

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