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British equestrienne Zara Phillips — granddaughter of the Queen of England — gained our attention earlier this week, and yesterday, just hours after I declared her an Attractive Olympian over at FanHaus, she got bumped from the Olympic team.  This will be the second consecutive Olympics for which her bitch-ass horse Toytown has gotten injured and forced her to withdraw.

Zara, 27, the current world champion three day eventer, was hotly tipped to win a gold medal, but as she and Toytown were jointly selected for Great Britain's eventing team, the injury to the horse means that his rider must also be withdrawn from Beijing 2008…

[She] could well remain at the top level of her sport, and have a chance to represent Great Britain at the London Olympics in 2012. That distant hope will be no consolation at the moment however, and she is likely to require comforting from her boyfriend, England rugby international Mike Tindall, 29, at her home in Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.

Oh, this is simply terrible.  A true royal tragedy.  How will this fabulously wealthy blonde princess who's 12th in line for the British crown ever recover from the heartbreak of not being able to compete at the Olympic Games in a sport restricted solely to the upper class of society?  Will the muscular arms of her international rugby star boyfriend be enough to console her?

What's so touching about this story is that it could have happened to any of us.

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