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In what seems like an extraordinarily bad idea, the Buffalo Sabres will host the Pittsburgh Penguins in an outdoor game at Ralph Wilson Stadium on January 1st:

[Sam] Flood, NBC’s coordinating producer for hockey, already is dreaming of the visuals that could be conjured at the NHL Winter Classic . . . “I’d like a dusting,” Flood said. “The visual of the breath . . . if you’re in the 20s, and you look down the bench and see all the players there, breath coming out. And out of Ryan Miller’s goalie mask you see the breath coming out. That’s pretty cool. You don’t see that inside the buildings.”

Obviously Mr. Flood never attended a Catholic grammar school during a Chicago winter.  Those nuns would never turn the damn furnace on, and when someone would complain about the bone-chilling cold, they'd say "Offer it up to God."  Offer what?  Hypothermia? I don't think the Father Almighty wants that.  I hope the Sabres massacre those fucking Penguins.  Although I'll never know because like every good American I watch 14 hours of college football after my mom bails me out of the drunk tank every New Year's Day. -KD 

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