‘Overwatch’ Looks Great As A Fighting Game

Overwatch is currently enjoying a free weekend while Overwatch League competitors take a much-deserved break between Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the first season, so now is the perfect time to sit back and consider Overwatch as a different kind of competitive video game. As you can see from the headline and the video above, the wizards over at TGN turned Overwatch into a damn fighting game. And it looks great.

Considering how the cast of Overwatch has such a range of skills and moves, it’s surprising how flawless the transformation into a one on one fighter is here. Yes, OW‘s characters have made a smooth transition to Hero of the Storm‘s MOBA-style gameplay, but this is a proof of concept that just works. It really does. Seeing Reinhardt taking on Zarya in a 2.5D environment is something I want in my life. Imagine putting up Mei’s wall to interrupt a combo?

And that character select screen…


The video also nods to Street Fighter II‘s bonus level, showing Doomfist busting up Junkrat’s motorcycle instead of an SFII character punching an old Hyundai. It would probably take Blizzard another half-decade to get “Overwatch Fighter” into our hands, but it would be worth the wait.

(Via PC Gamer)