Paul Pierce: Water Thief

12.29.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

During Tuesday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics hustled for a loose ball but was unable to save it, landing in the crowd. He decided to reward himself for his unsuccessful hustle by taking a swig of a woman’s water bottle then immediately running down the court. What a lucky/grossed out lady!

I guess it goes to show what nice people live in Indiana. If you’re playing basketball and get really sweaty and smelly, they don’t mind if you jump on them, ruining their clothes, and take their water. How hospitable!

I like how the crowd jeered after Pierce drank that water but not loud enough that anyone would really care. I don’t even think they were saying “Boo,” but instead, “Ohhhhh that’s just not very nice Paul Pierceeee.”

Video after the jump.

Hat tip to @jose3030.

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