03.18.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Lost in the shuffle of all the NCAA hoops hoopla was Mark Jackson’s heroic effort of making somebody else look bad last night. And that somebody was the very enormous, Oscar-nominated actor Michael Clarke Duncan.

Jackson …picked up on the trend of airing out cheap celebs during Wednesday’s Bucks-Clippers game. I’ll assume that Michael Clarke Duncan doesn’t tip because Jackson says he walked out on an entire bill. Duncan was sitting courtside and didn’t sound happy with Jackson’s comments. –You Been Blinded.

Jackson says that the manager of the restaurant approached him and asked if he knew Duncan, and if he would call him. Jackson replied, “We’re good friends,” which is amazing, since that’s as embarrassing a thing as you could say about somebody. And from the looks of his seats, Duncan doesn’t seem to be hurting for money.

Then again, he is at a Clippers game…

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