10.30.07 11 years ago 31 Comments

UPDATE: Video done got taken down.  Methinks the national organization of a fraternity is not pleased with a certain chapter.

What… what's this strange feeling I have for these Ohio State fans?  Oh God, I think it may be sympathy. 

You know, the only thing that should be hurled at Ohio State fans are insults that they can't quite understand.  Never beers.  Beers are for drinking. 

Once again, I'm reminded of the battle for Stalingrad.  The Nazis invaded Russia in support of arguably the most vile regime in recorded history, then left with their tails between their legs — but that doesn't mean the Soviets weren't real assholes, too.  Well, at least in this version, the Nazis enjoyed a 37-17 victory.  So there's that.

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