12.20.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

I try not to get too synergistic here at With Leather, which means that I don't like to use my full-time gig to promote Kissing Suzy Kolber, where I contribute in my free time. But some things just need to be shared.

For example, is your football columnist showering a certain player with just a little too much praise? Well, today Monday Morning Punter — one of KSK's experts in NFL homoeroticism — debuted the Peter King Manlove Translator (PKMT), which screens writers' columns for hidden subtext like the one you see pictured.

I strongly recommend this for any readers of King's Monday Morning Quarterback, and I look forward to future editions of the PKMT. Perhaps they can reveal (again) that Gregg Easterbrook loves himself, or that Mitch Albom gets off on aspartame.

Not that I'm judging. I look fucking sexy doused in aspartame.

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