05.07.07 11 years ago 18 Comments

Don't let that headline fool you: Peyton Manning is definitely not cool.  But this tidbit from Page Six is worth pondering:

Every year [Kid] Rock travels to the [Kentucky] Derby with Peyton Manning, Dennis Hopper, Travis Tritt and George Strait. "It's kind of a little clique of us that you see every year. You have to understand the levels of whiskey involved. One time I ended up in a freestyle battle against Meat Loaf."

Wow, that must have been an epically shitty freestyle battle.  I think I saw that movie.  Kid exposed Meat Loaf's real name (Clarence) and the fact that he went to a private school.  This was after he nailed Pamela Anderson in the factory, and Peyton Manning shot himself in the leg during a big standoff between Meat Loaf's gang that included Jeff Garcia, Neil Diamond, and Rutger Hauer.  It was fucking intense, man.

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