Eagles Fans Climbed The City Hall Gates, Flipped Cars And Set Things On Fire After The Super Bowl

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The Eagles won the Super Bowl on Sunday night, which sent the city of Philadelphia into a frenzy. We saw Eagles fans at the game going crazy, most notably a drunk Kevin Hart enjoying himself on the field and on the NFL Network set, but it was even more out of control back in Philly.

The celebration in Philadelphia was, well, as insane as you would expect from a city that has to grease all of the lampposts and poles holding up traffic lights because people have a tendency to climb them and jump off of them.

With their ability to climb poles hindered, Philly fans had to turn to the next best thing: the gates of city hall. Yes, many Eagles fans scaled the giant gates at city hall while fireworks went off and general pandemonium carried on around the city.

The even got a dang keg up there to make sure those on the gates could stay properly inebriated throughout the experience.

Elsewhere, fans were lighting things on fire in the street, which has become a weird commonplace in massive citywide celebrations for sports victories, because nothing says “yay we won” like some stuff on fire.

Then there were the people climbing awnings at the Ritz-Carlton and jumping off of it into the crowd.

Eventually the Ritz awning gave way and collapsed under the weight of people trying to get up on it just to jump off.

Fans also flipped over a car, which is just straight up rioting at that point.

Last but certainly not least, at least one fan celebrated by eating, well, just watch.