01.19.08 10 years ago 9 Comments

If you were hoping to enjoy some pleasures of the flesh with your Super Bowl experience, Phoenix police have a warning for you:

Phoenix Police said on Friday they have teamed up with the FBI and other local law enforcement agencies to crackdown on sex workers heading to the city for the National Football League's championship clash on February 3. Sergeant Joel Tranter said officers will be working undercover to arrest call girls working in hotels, prostitutes working street corners, and sex workers advertising services on the Internet ahead of the bash. "If you want to come to Phoenix and join in the party, welcome to Phoenix," Tranter told Reuters. "If you are a part of that very small criminal element that wants to come here and set up prostitution operations, we're warning you right now: don't do it," he added.

I wonder what  Sgt. Tranter will be wearing when he's undercover? And I wonder all the guys in the vice squad room call him "Tranny"? I say boo-urns to this preemptive action by Phoenix's finest. Along with football, the Super Bowl celebrates America. And what's more American than free market capitalism? If a comely entrepreneur wants to charge me $100, so I can apply a modified Kitchen Aid mixer to her body, it's my God-given right as an American. -KD

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