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New details about the evening Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg have emerged, and if you were betting that Plax and teammates Antonio Pierce and Ahmad Bradshaw began the evening at the Metropolitan Opera, well, bad news.  Turns out the trio actually started the night — shockingly — at Head Quarters strip club, where they helped themselves to the employees’ food while Plax acted like a cheap slob.

Burress, 31, already was known at the club for being a “cheap,” customer, and “very rude, conceited, full of himself,” sources said.

“He’s the most unpopular celebrity that’s been there,” said another source, adding he routinely paid strippers the minimum $20 for lap dances, in contrast to other big-name customers, who fork over as much as $200 [No lap dance is worth $200 – Ed.]…

They went upstairs, where club workers were enjoying dinner, and soon began drinking what ended up being two bottles of Patron tequila, which they were not charged for, sources said. Pierce, 30, went over to the workers’ table, where he sliced off several pieces of turkey, which Burress then scooped up with his hands and crammed into his mouth, sources said…

This is pretty enlightening about the pro athlete experience.  They just walk around wherever they want in the strip club.  Upstairs, backstage, wherever.  Help themselves to food and booze without paying like they own the place.  Meanwhile, hardworking guys like me have to tip the champagne room bouncer to look the other way just to put an ether-soaked rag over a girl’s face.  It’s just not fair.

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