10.21.07 10 years ago 3 Comments

Hey look! Back to back posts about Tribe pitchers! I can tell you're excited sexy readers, as are the denizens of Red Sox nation who've watched their beloved nine return from a 3 games to 1 deficit to even the ALCS.  Fausto Carmona pitched his way to a robust ERA of 31.50 for the outing as the Carmine hitters unfairly waited for him to throw strikes and then hit grand slams when he did.  What did Fausto expect? A happy ending?  That's not likely when you're named after two of the greatest operatic tragedies in history.  Sticking random vowels at the end of your name won't change the fact that you're screwed in the final act.  Anyway, here's some highlights from the game: 

Ah, the non-ephemeral comedy of Adam Sandler has a timeless quality, doesn't it? (For more ALCS videos click here and here.) -KD

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