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The Daily Mail has fun shots of Ricky Hatton's girlfriend as she gags in reaction to his 10th-round KO to Floyd Mayweather on Saturday night. 

Jennifer Dooley, who gave up her teaching job in Britain to see her boyfriend fight Floyd Mayweather, looked like she was being physically sick as Hatton fell to the floor for the final time in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Oh man, if she gets ill at the sight of her boyfriend getting punched out, she would really hate my "trophy room."  I'm sorry, but I love taxidermy and hookers too much to give either one up. 

But a defiant Hatton, 29, insisted he is not ready to throw in the towel on his career… recovering after his loss, the welterweight vowed: "I'm not finished".

The guy just lost for the first time in 44 fights, and he's only 29.  I don't think "I'm not finished" is exactly the most surprising quote.  Unless they got it from him at a restaurant.  Because the only thing left on his plate was a couple French fries, and he hadn't touched his food in like ten minutes.

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