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I'm sure we've all enjoyed this NFL offseason, what with Der Komissar Roger Goodell handing out draconian suspensions to players before the court system can even find them innocent or guilty.  But ol' Rog is laying the smackdown on the media, too: the websites for local TV stations are now pretty much screwed for video content.

The NFL has issued a new set of rules that severely restricts media sites usage of video shot from NFL press conferences, interviews or practices. The rules stipulate a maximum of 45 seconds of video per day, no use of live footage, a 24-hour window for all content and that content must contain links back to and official team sites. Additionally, the video footage cannot be sponsored, and no more than 45 seconds per day of team practice footage.

The Houston Chronicle's John McClain (sadly not John McClane), who relies heavily on video for his blog content, isn't exactly thrilled with the new rules, and his most recent video displays just how little 45 seconds of screen time gives a reporter.

Roger Goodell: pissing off the players, pissing off the media, and putting NFL games in other countries.  Is he the NFL's worst commissioner ever, or…?  Huh.  I was gonna write another option, but nothing else made sense.

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