Check Out Ronda Rousey Rocking Prison Clothes For Her First Post-UFC Acting Gig

Getty Image

We haven’t heard from Ronda Rousey in a while, but maybe that’s because she’s in prison. No, not real prison. Television prison, where she’s playing tough prison inmate Devon Penberthy on NBC’s hit show Blindspot. Yesterday, actor Luke Mitchell who plays Roman on Blindspot, posted a photo of the tableread for Ronda’s guest appearance episode.

And now there’s a whole bunch of paparazzi shots from Ronda’s appearance on the show, featuring her decked out in orange prison wear and splattered in blood.

The role on the show is a good opportunity for Rousey to show the world her improved acting chops, which she has reportedlybeen working hard at with acting classes over the past year. While most agree her appearance last year hosting Saturday Night Live wasn’t bad, a general disdain online for her abilities in movies like Furious 7 and Entourage havehurt her ability to get more roles to the point where several of Rousey’s previously greenlit film projects have been shut down entirely.

Of course, her recent string of losses in the cage haven’t helped at all. Back when she was an indestructible badass, Hollywood was lining up to cast her as such in any film she’d agree to be in. But since losing to Holly Holm in November 2015 and going into self imposed hiding? Not so much. Her failed comeback fight in December signals the ship has possibly sailed on her ability to reclaim her combat sports throne, but as this Blindspot role proves, there’s still a lot of people willing to include her in television and movies right now.

How she does from here probably hinges on how great or terrible she is in her upcoming NBC appearance. And at the very least, there may be something for the haters as well. After all, what are the chances she survives the end of the episode? I’m betting on a Justin Bieber style execution capping things off.