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Roy Jones Jr and Felix Trinidad — who have a combined age of 72 — have an upcoming fight to decide once and for all who shouldn't have come out of retirement.  And in an effort to generate more buzz and build a larger audience, Jones has joined a fraternity.

To further his celebrity and broaden his appeal, in August, Jones became an honorary member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. TKE is the largest social fraternity in the world with a presence on almost 300 college campuses in North America, and an initiated membership of over 220,000. This is an interesting marketing strategy for the self-promoted Jones… The “hey, that’s our fraternity brother” crowd could provide a buzz among a demographic that currently seems more interested in video games and drinking games—18 to 23 year old college students. 

So, to recap: a 38-year-old guy looking to revive his failing career joins a fraternity to become more popular.  Ring ring.  Hello?  Roy, it's for you.  USA Network wants the movie rights.

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