Rugby Rookies Soil Team's Good Name

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09.10.10 5 Comments

With baseball’s steroid scandals still occupying the news in America, Australia is also reeling from shameful news about its national pastime as well. Rugby players in the land down under have been behaving in disgraceful fashions, but no team is dealing with more controversy than the Sydney Roosters. One year ago, the Roosters suspended and fined Nate Myles after he pooped on a hotel room floor, and now the team is faced (Ed. – feced?) with scandal… No. 2.

Roosters rookies Sam Brunton and Anthony Gelling have been kicked off the team for taking dumps all over a Holiday Inn in North Queensland. Ironically, South Queensland is known for its love of table-pooping. Needless to say, the hotel’s staff was not too pleased with this behavior, and they want the world to know about this awful stench of injustice. Meanwhile, Najeh Davenport thinks these guys are A-OK.

Aim for my chest, Daily Telegraph:

“A little bit feral they were,” said Sue, a cleaner who wished to remain anonymous. “I don’t really know a huge amount about it.

“All I know is the cleaner entered the room, they had defecated on the floor next to the toilet in one of the rooms and defecated on the white tables that are in the rooms. And they did it in a couple of rooms.”

“She [another cleaner] said it was disgusting, absolutely disgusting. She doesn’t get paid enough to do that.

“These are players that children respect and they are held in high regard by the community.”

And that’s the worst part, nobody is thinking about the children. Kids emulate their athlete heroes. If Rooster players poop on hotel room floors and tables, then pretty soon we’re going to have scores of children running around pooping all over the place. Eventually, Australia will be an island of child feces and kangaroos. They’ll have to call it Asstralia. *bowtie spins counterclockwise*

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