Russell Wilson Came Awfully Close To Saying ‘Go Hawks’ After The Broncos Lost In His Return To Seattle

Russell Wilson played a football game in Seattle on Monday night. The catch: Instead of suiting up for the Seahawks, Wilson led the Denver Broncos onto the turf at Lumen Field, marking the first time in his decorated career that he played for a team other than Seattle. It didn’t work out the way he would have liked, as the Seahawks came out on top, 17-16, thanks in part to some late game clock management by Denver that drove Peyton Manning up a wall.

Wilson had a solid game, completing 29 of his 42 pass attempts for 340 yards and a score, but it ultimately was not enough. And after the game, Wilson gave us a very good example of how old habits die hard, as he met with the press to discuss what happened on the field. He ended his presser with an updated version of how he has long ended them, by saying “Go Broncos, let’s ride,” but hesitated for a split second, presumably because he’s said “Go Hawks” about 100,000,000 times in his life.

The good news for Wilson is that he won’t be in this exact situation again for a while, as the Broncos won’t have to travel to Seattle any time soon. Regardless, it looks like Wilson’s still getting used to life elsewhere in the NFL.