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The city of Seattle has approved a request to open a Deja Vu strip club across the street from Safeco Field, despite the Mariners’ attempt to block it.  High five!

[The club] would be just 400 feet away from Safeco Field — the same distance as home plate is from the center field wall.

The Mariners asked the city to reconsider, calling for further interpretation of the city code passed last year which bans strip clubs from within 800 feet of community centers, parks and schools…

The Mariners also argued that some open areas adjacent to the stadium are included on a list of “neighborhood parks, open space, recreational features and public-private open spaces” in the Downtown Planning Study Final Environmental Impact Statement.

Here’s a list of things adjacent to Safeco Field: Qwest Field, the Pyramid Brewery, train tracks, parking lots, industrial wharves, and various signs of urban blight.  It’s precisely the kind of neighborhood where strip clubs are ALWAYS located.  Thematically, Deja Vu’s got more of a right to be there than Safeco.

[Lion in Oil]

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