02.02.08 10 years ago 12 Comments

As well as praising my varied scholarly interests, the witty and urbane Monday Morning Punter shared a story yesterday about how women viewers of Good Morning America prefer Eli Manning to Tom Brady. Well, the citified skanks who read Cosmopolitan have answered back:

Which team's quarterback is hotter? Eli Manning (29%) Tom Brady (71%) Which team's quarterback would you date if you had the chance? Eli Manning (13%) Tom Brady (34%) Neither (53%) Which team are you rooting for to win the Superbowl this weekend? The New York Giants (37%) The New England Patriots (31%) Neither (32%) Is your decision in the previous influenced by how much you like the quarterback? (People who answered Neither skipped this question.) Yes (20%) No (80%)

Who's doing the Meposian dance of joy now, bitches? Dreamboat has to be happy about this. I'm sure he would much rather bang a slut with an eating disorder than a plump soccer mom who emulates Diane Sawyer. I know I would, though beggars can't be choosers. Most of the women who find me attractive read The Farmers' Almanac. -KD

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