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Much has been made of New York Rangers heel Sean Avery interning at Vogue this summer, but we haven't really gotten an insider's look at how the bruiser is surviving in the cutthroat fashion world.  Freelancer Susan Kirschbaum (also responsible for the photo above) spoke to Avery at an art fundraiser Monday night, where he raved about his coming trip to Paris with his bud "Anna" (aka Anna Wintour, the ruling ice queen of fashion) to see Chanel, Dior, and Gaultier.

Kirschbaum, reasonably suspicious or perhaps just playing up stereotypes, asked him if he was sure he wasn't gay.  Avery assured her of his straightness, then departed with this nugget: "I'm going home to jerk off to you now."  And Gawker kindly came through with these additional details:

A tipster tells us that Avery added "And that's a big compliment," and later text messaged Kirschbaum saying that "the session is going well."

Aww dude, you blew it!  Don't text her right away!  You're supposed to wait two days before telling a girl you masturbated to her.  Well, it doesn't have to be exactly two days.  I think the window is after two days, but BEFORE the restraining order takes effect.

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