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Former New York Ranger, current Dallas Star and future STD-related death Sean Avery learned a lot of fashion tips from the myriad prostitutes from which he got diseases to give to Elisha Cuthbert. Now he's applying those to his internship at Vogue, where he wants everyone to dress like a Hot Cop. As the New York Times revealed in one of those wishy-washy trend pieces, he's one of the leading proponents of the business even-more-casual look of shorts to the office

Then the bare ankle migrated from country-club Saturdays to meeting-room Mondays and suddenly men, whether shod in wingtips or loafers, were widely seen without socks. Now it appears that, after some stops and starts in recent seasons, the men of the white collar work force are marching into the office in shorts.

When the hockey star Sean Avery took an internship at Vogue earlier this summer, the work uniform that the fashion-besotted left wing chose included a shorts suit that showcased his athletic calves.

“Why go to work and be hot?” he asked last week, adding that there was no compelling business reason to look modest and dull on the job. “You can look good and not have that boring-type look,” said Mr. Avery, who signed with the Dallas Stars this summer after several seasons with the Rangers. “Why are women allowed to do it and not men?”

Ah, that old standby. How many times has Avery invoked it? Like when he wanted to go down on Jaromir Jagr. Or when he tried to flirt his way out of a speeding ticket. Or tried to conceal a small bag of drugs in his vagina going through airport security. Sorry, there are just different standards of conduct between the genders. For example, women can be dead hookers and men can tell dead hooker jokes. It's just that simple.

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