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Sean Payton just won the Super Bowl as head coach of the New Orleans Saints, but right now he’s as mad as hornets. See, Payton actually benefited from the classic “sudden death” format after his Saints won the coin toss against the Vikings in the last NFC Championship, and kicked the winning field goal without having to play defense in the extra frame. But he seems to have other problems with the “modified” format.

“It was just surprising because I think I was under the impression the overtime rule was going to be voted on today so it was kind of one of those back-door deals. I guess nothing surprises me anymore. I guess disappointing.

“The debate and argument over a new rule is healthy and oftentimes one will pass and one won’t pass. But the way this was slipped in shows me there was some concern it wouldn’t have gone in the normal way and that’s what concerns me.” –USA Today, via Sportress of Blogitude.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but there’s enough “fairness” after 60 minutes of play that, at that point, the focus should just be to end the damn game, even in the playoffs. Oh, your team lost the coin flip in OT? Play defense! Or kick it onside. People will eventually figure out that this format will just extend the game without making any real difference, kinda like the last 20 minutes of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Nobody cares if Frodo’s going to Rivendell. I have to pee!

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