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Tennis phenoms Venus and Serena Williams are looking to purchase a share of the Miami Dolphins from new owner Stephen Ross, joining other celebs such as Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and that one chica that used to date Ben Affleck.

“We don’t know what’s going on,” Williams said after her second-round match at the Rogers Cup Wednesday night in Toronto. “There’s been preliminary talks and, hopefully, it will work out. I mean, that would be a great opportunity for both of us. We’ll see what happens.”

Reports from the United States suggested an announcement would be made on Tuesday. The sisters live about an hour from where the Dolphins play. via.

Is there anyone reading this right now that DOESN’T own a share of the Miami Dolphins? Anyone? I think Ufford picked up his share last week. This is turning out to be the People’s Football Team. They should change their colors to red and gold and adopt the hammer-and-sickle as their logo. That’s a communism joke. Nothing dries up readership or women’s panties like economics talk.

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