Damian Priest Cashed In His MITB Briefcase To Win The WWE World Heavyweight Title At WrestleMania 40

Drew McIntyre was prophetic in saying Rollins would “crash and burn” on Night 1 before the same happening on Night 2 when he pinned Seth Rollins. But it was Damian Priest who would cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase to claim the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the opening match of WrestleMania 40 Night 2.

Right from the opening bell, McIntyre hit the Claymore for two. Rollins rolled out of the ring as McIntyre set up for a second shot. McIntyre followed him outside and immediately targeted the knee that was repeatedly beaten during his war on Night 1 against The Rock and Roman Reigns.

McIntyre got cocky, took a photo of the injured Rollins, sent an incredible tweet, then received a pedigree on the outside. Back inside the ring, Rollins hit the Stomp on McIntyre for two. Rollins went for another pedigree, but was back body dropped. McIntyre and Rollins traded shots in the ring until McIntyre hit a headbutt and a neck breaker. McIntyre kipped up and set up for a Claymore before Rollins caught him in a powerbomb, hit a pedigree, and another stomp for two.

Rollins and McIntyre traded missed finishers before he connected on a double arm DDT. He then mocked CM Punk, who was at commentary, with a Go To Sleep gesture, a GTS attempt, then a rollup reversal. McIntyre ran the ropes and hit a Claymore for two again. McIntyre rolled out to ringside and broke down the table. McIntyre tried to put Rollins through the table, but he reversed, super kicked him, and then hit a Stomp on top of the table.

Rollins rolled him back in the ring, McIntyre hit another Claymore for two. McIntyre hit another Claymore for the pinfall and victory.

After the match, McIntyre celebrated in front of Punk, who swept his legs and attacked him before Damian Priest’s music hit, who hit him with the briefcase, landed a chokeslam, and pinned him to win the belt.

McIntyre earned his way into a title shot after CM Punk was injured, Cody Rhodes chose to face Roman Reigns in the Night 2 main event, and the Scottish Warrior won the Elimination Chamber.