Shannon Sharpe Wonders Why No Team Has Actually Talked To Colin Kaepernick

05.13.17 11 months ago 3 Comments


Shannon Sharpe is very confused about the narrative surrounding Colin Kaepernick‘s free agency. The Undisputed commentator said he’s spoken to Kaepernick about his chances of finding an NFL team to play for this summer and spoke out about what he feels is unfair about his free agency.

Sharpe said he spoke with Kaepernick, who said he “appreciated” what Sharpe has done in defending the quarterback, who is controversial because he publicly protested police violence against people of color last season. Kaepernick said he won’t kneel during the national anthem this season, but he’s yet to find a suitor for his talents thus far.

“He says people keep putting out that I’m asking for $9-10 million,” Sharpe said. “He said ‘Shannon, they don’t know what I’m asking for. I have not talked to (them) My representative has not talked to (them).’”

In particular, Sharpe finds it curious that NFL teams are speaking to Dr. Harry Edwards about Kapernick, asking him if he feels the quarterback is healthy enough and willing to play for an NFL team. Sharpe wonders why they’re not contacting Kapernick or his representation directly.

Why would you ask Harry Edwards, who’s a sociology professor, whether or not Colin Kaepernick wants to play and whether or not he can still play when you can pick up the phone and call Colin Kaepernick himself? You can call his representative himself.

Sharpe also attacked the various excuses people around the league have made for Kapernick not finding a team just yet, especially when his former 49ers teammate Blaine Gabbert found work despite playing worse than Kaepernick under center.

News of Gabbert getting a job before Kaepernick made many NFL pundits note that something is off here, and Sharpe agrees.

It’s funny how all of a sudden he can’t hold weight because he’s a vegan. Since when does the NFL care what a player eats? Do you seen how big some of those lineman are? They don’t care what people eat. Another excuse.

Sharpe points to the source of much of this information being the 49ers organization, which clearly wants nothing to do with Kaepernick now. He points out that Dr. Edwards has worked for the 49ers as an advisor for decades, and many of the reports about what Kaepernick wants are coming from inside the organization.

The problem, he says, is no one is talking to Kapernick about what he actually wants.

If you want to know something about Colin Kaepernick as a quarterback, shouldn’t you reach out to one of his former quarterback coaches? Shouldn’t you reach out to the offensive coordinator? You’re asking a guy his expertise is not football, but you’re asking him football-related questions. Something doesn’t smell right to me, Skip. And talking to Kaep last night, no team has called him.

Bayless agreed with Sharpe throughout the segment, but he didn’t say much. His reaction to Sharpe laying out his case against the Kaep subterfuge was pretty great, though.


Sharpe also dispelled the notion that Kaepernick doesn’t want to be a backup quarterback, among other things. It’s a good, well-reasoned rant that dispells many of the excuses NFL executives have given for their unwillingness to reach Kaepernick’s way. The truth is that many in NFL front offices just don’t like Kaepernick for bringing politics to football.

Now, it seems their own politics are keeping them from potentially improving their teams.

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