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Here’s German goalie Jens Lehmann doing his best to drain the lizard behind one of those big billboards that you so often see at soccer games. And now I can see why they’re there. I guess the one on the other side of the net is the ladies’? But Lehmann, 40, is a guy that’s already been in trouble for wondering aloud why his club, Stuttgart, hasn’t fired their coach already. But it gets better.

Things then went from bad to worse in Sunday’s Bundesliga game against Mainz. Stuttgart we leading 1-0 and appeared to be on the way to their first league victory since week seven.

However, Lehmann lost his temper and stamped on Mainz attacker Aristide Bance after collecting a cross. The referee spotted the incident and decided to send Lehmann off and award Mainz a spot kick, which was converted by Eugen Polanski.

And according to Sky, things didn’t end there. The shot stopper stole the glasses of a fan after the game and intended to travel home by taxi instead of taking the team bus, until he spotted a camera following him. –

Pissing in public and then stealing some poor bastard’s glasses? That’s a full day. And if you’re German that’s like 3 full days. Because Europeans are lazy.

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