04.15.08 10 years ago 27 Comments

So, this isn't particularly sports-related, but tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the horrific massacre at the Virginia Tech campus, and Miami (Ohio) University is going to give it the solemn respect it deserves: they're asking men on campus to paint their fingernails red

The project conceived by a professor and students in his men's health class is meant to raise awareness about senseless violence committed by men.

Miami junior Tyler Topel is co-chairing the project, dubbed Operation Jungle Red. Topel says they want to make Miami a leader in getting college men to speak out against violence.

It's really hard to pinpoint what pisses me off the most here.  Is it the trite expression on a grave day of remembrance?  The further pussification of young men who should be getting into bar fights and/or serving in the military?  The simplistic metaphor ("blood" on men's hands)?  Or is it the ridiculous lines this is going to cause at the nail salons?  Seriously, Tuesday is my mani/pedi day, and now there's going to be a bunch of tourists there.  Thanks a lot, Ohio.

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