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This post is for the kids out there, because I don’t want to hear about how this site is a bad influence on our youth. We’re pushing the envelope over here, and so was this student who bet 4400 British pounds (about $7100 US) on the last ten minutes of an African Cup of Nations Match. Specifically, he bet on Angola.

At the time of the bet Angola were cruising at 4-0 up with just 10 minutes to go, but the unthinkable happened and Mali scored 4 goals at the death to grab a remarkable 4-4 draw.

The odds on offer on Betfair were so ridiculous that the student only stood to make £44 back from the wager.–Heaven Sports.

So dude dropped over seven large on a ten-minute bet for hopes of a 1% return. Not so jolly good, old chap. And I don’t know why we used the ice cream kid from the Confederations Cup for this post. I guess I was just hoping that blackface and whiteface today would cancel each other out. Thanks, Alan, for the heads-up.

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