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Sadly, I have to leave a little early today, but I thought I'd give soccer a little love on the way out the door (it was either soccer or Matt Leinart's crappy birthday party, and Nick Lachey was too easy of a target).

Anyway, about that UEFA Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan: AC Milan got a late first-half goal when Filippo Inzaghi (who?) redierected a free kick from Andrea Pirlo (uh…) into the net.  They now lead 1-0 midway through the second half, although that could have changed by the time this post goes live.

Your best bets to catch the action (you know… besides TV) are the live blogs from The Offside and The FanHaus

Pictured: Abigail Clancy, girlfriend of gawky Liverpool striker Eric Peter Crouch.

UPDATE: AC Milan wins, 2-1. 

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