Stick A Football Fork In The NY Giants?

12.27.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

The Giants, who started out 5-2 before their bye week, have now gone 4-4 after it and look to other teams to help them squeeze into the playoffs after getting embarrassed against the Packers in Wisconsin, 45-17. New York had half a dozen turnovers in the game, which sounds delicious, but I’m being told that’s a bad thing. Eli Manning threw for 301 yards and two touchdowns but was also picked four times. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw also had a fumble each, and if I may channel some inner John Madden, you can’t win football games in the National Football League if you give away the football that much. Football.

Aaron Rodgers was all like “What concussion? No seriously, I had a concussion? My memory’s pretty fuzzy” in his return as Green Bay’s quarterback, throwing for 404 yards and four touchdowns. If I could put on my pessimist glasses for a second, the Packers had a very weak rushing game, with Brandon Jackson having 18 carries for 39 yards (a typical Brandon Jackson day) and some guy named Dimitri Nance carrying nine times for 32 yards. John Kuhn was a goal-line beast (or just fat and able to throw his weight through lines), however, as he rushed six times for 22 yards with two touchdowns and also had a receiving touchdown.

Although it’s nice to see Green Bay succeeding, the main story in this game is how poorly the Giants have collapsed at the end of the season. They had pretty good hopes to win the NFC East, but a loss to the Cowboys and getting swept by the Eagles gave them a poor division record. Since that fourth-quarter pants-shitting thanks to Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson two games ago, the Giants have been… well, terrible. This game, unlike last week’s, can’t be blamed on Matt Dodge but instead on different players who made stupid mistakes.

Green Bay has built up a reputation as a coach killer this season, as two teams (Cowboys and Vikings) who lost miserably to them had their head coaches (Wade Phillips and Brad Childress, respectively) fired shortly after. I doubt he’ll get fired with only one week left, but if Coughlin’s still around next week, the Giants better beat the Redskins and hope a bunch of crazy stuff happens if they want to get into the playoffs.

–Contributed by Samer Kalaf

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