10.27.08 9 years ago 7 Comments

I didn’t like the idea of the Palin-Huizenga hybrid staying on top of the page all night, so here’s the semi-anticipated Marisa Miller/Ryan Braun ad for Remington.  You may remember the post in August when we were first introduced to photos of the shoot.  Or more likely not.  So here it is, the video you’ve barely been thinking about!

Because it’s a web ad, or maybe because Remington cut costs by firing all editors, or maybe because they hired a group of seventh graders to write, the commercial features some of the worst acting this side of NSFW and runs for an astounding two and a half minutes.  Which is what I really need as a consumer: longer advertisements.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d cut my penis off if it that’s what it took for Marisa Miller to touch it, but I’m still not gonna say this video is great just because it gives me close-ups of things of body parts that I’ve already got memorized down to the individual pore.

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