06.23.08 10 years ago 26 Comments

Busted Coverage has video of what must be the quintessential Yankees-Red Sox fan shouting match: it features a Yankees fan repeatedly misidentifying 2003 ALCS hero Aaron Boone as Bret Boone, a Red Sox fan making light of 9/11 and a douchette calling her dad mid-argument to fill him in on the drunken proceedings. Never before have two teams disliked each other so unlikably.

With all the jerky camera work, I was hoping this was the opening party scene of a Cloverfield sequel where all these little shits would be stomped underfoot or asploded to granules of obnoxiousness. Alas, Hollywood has let us all down once again. That's why I'm trying to shop my screenplay for Saw 5 to all the studios. Sure, I haven't seen any of the previous Saw movies, but I get the gist. People being butchered horribly and whatnot. Okay suits, hear me out… here's the twist:  we make all those victims Red Sox and Yankees fans! And instead of the clown face guy, it's just me with a chainsaw and a "Kiss the Cook" bib? Huh? So how 'bout it? Can I have $100 million. Okay, how about just a chainsaw? 

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