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The newest iteration of ABC's The Bachelor debuted last night, and it's the usual emotion-porn of chicks crying after not being pretty enough to "win" true love in a televised contest.  However, one of the girls who was pretty enough last night was Jenni (dot the "i" with a heart!), who I'm pleased to say is a member of the Phoenix Suns dance team and a veteran of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and the Miami Heat dancers.  In short, she's been a member of three of the hottest team-supporting T&A groups in professional sports.  Some info on Jenni:

Three of my future goals are…
Three goals I have for myself in the future are to marry the man of my dreams and start my family, be the best mommy in the whole wide world, and to be a well known model and actress.
Ummm… honey, that's actually fo– you know what?  Never mind.  You're absolutely correct. 
The reality TV show I’d be best on is…
I think the reality TV show I would be best on is Survivor! I am a pretty tough woman!

But is she tough enough for The Bachelor?  If not, there's always my welcoming arms.  I'm sure I'd be an improvement after this fugly wimp.

(Big ups to Jen's Free Throws. Also, for those needing a reason to masturbate: enjoy this lovely Suns dancers gallery.)

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