'T.Ocho' Will Be Latest Show On Versus That You Won't Watch

09.07.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Cincinnati Bengals wideouts Chad Ocho Cinco and that one guy who drops a lot of balls are talking about doing a TV show. During the season. I know that Terrell Owens needs the money, but Chad? It’s almost like he has this insatiable craving for attention.

“The T.Ocho Show” will be more than just a football show. Already reality-TV stars, media celebrities, and crossover personalities of American pop culture, T.O. and OchoCinco will look at the best and worst of Twitter, the most memorable moments from both players’ VH1 reality shows, and many other topics–from Kim Kardashian’s dating habits to Rex Ryan’s eating habits.

“This is coming from the perspective of two professionals. We play the game, we live the game, and viewers will get to live it through us week-in and week-out,” said Chad OchoCinco. “Versus is taking a big risk giving us this show. It’s gonna be dangerous. Watch with care.” Release, via Press Coverage.

Whatever. It’s not like those guys can’t get a crew to shoot around their football schedules. Of course, if they ruin my Bengals’ run at another division title, I will hate them for it. So I guess my stand is “good for them.” At least, until it’s not good for me. I just wonder if they’ll let Carson Palmer play the gay neighbor on the show. He seems cut out for that.

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