Tampa Bay Fans Are Hammered, Sleepy

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08.23.10 9 Comments

With less than 40 games left in the regular season, the American League East continues to be the best in baseball, showcasing a neck-and-neck sprint to the finish between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, with the Bronx Bombers currently holding a 1-game lead atop the division. There are also the Boston Red Sox with their 71-54 record, which is unfortunately only good enough to put them 6.5 games back of first. And the Rays indicated that they aren’t going to give up much ground last week when they emphatically swept the AL West leaders, the Texas Rangers. And boy, was it an exciting series.

So exciting, in fact, that one Rays fan* passed out from multiple 16-ounce doses of pure, unadulterated electric Rays/Rangers baseball. And the Rays mascot… oh geez, I should know this, um… Snuffleupagus? Sure, why not. Snuffleupagus offered stadium personnel some assistance in making sure this fan hadn’t imbibed too much baseball pleasure. Oh mascots, you so crazy!

Video after the jump.

Good times at Tropicana Field, America’s most lavish tin can. The Rays went on to win the Wednesday night game 8-6 and complete the sweep of the first place Rangers, and it’s especially good to see Rays fans being so aggressively involved in a series that may have been a preview of a playoff matchup. It shows genuine passion for fans to sacrifice so many seats so they’re in perfect condition for the postseason.

(*Read: Yankees fan who scalped an outfield seat ticket so he could chant, “Boston sucks” and then snuck down into better seats because Tampa’s stadium staff is lethargic on a BP level.)

Video from Huffington Post and thanks to RoboPanda for the tip.

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