03.20.07 11 years ago 19 Comments

Olympic ice dancing silver medalist Tanith Belbin, best known for being ridiculously hot and rejecting Canadia as her home country, is back in the news as she and partner That Ugly Guy with the Goatee Who Finally Cut Off his Damn Ponytail are presently fifth in the World Championships being held in Tokyo. More importantly…

Although Belbin and Agosto won at the U.S. Championships in January, they wanted to change their appearance. So Belbin, for years noted as a blonde, came out as a brunette.

"It was my natural hair color anyway,'' Belbin said. "It is a little more serious look, a little more intensity.''

I, for one, support Miss Belbin in her return to brunette. Totally hot. What's the Canadian word for "hot"? Caliente?

At the same time, I'd like to correct a huge error by the AP in this article: Belbin wasn't a blonde; she had blonde streaks, and maybe if she spent a little less time at the Olympics practicing and a little more time getting her roots touched up, maybe she and that dude would have done better than silver. That's just my theory. But what do I know? I'm just an expert at hot chicks who ice dance.

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