Darren Rovell Got Put In In His Place On Twitter By Lions Lineman Taylor Decker

12.29.16 1 year ago 5 Comments

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Darren Rovell tweets a lot. Oftentimes, it doesn’t go very well.

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Taylor Decker is the next in a long line of people to own ESPN’s expert sports-ish reporter online. Decker got at him for failing to use his name after he and Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott exchanged jerseys following Monday Night Football.

Always more worried about the almighty dollar over the humans that make currency have value, Rovell tweeted out a photo of Decker and Elliott and pointed out how much the Cowboys running back’s jersey is worth.

Decker noticed the tweet and wasn’t too happy about not being labeled as, you know, a human being with a first and last name.

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