Terry Crews Says Kevin Hart Tried And Failed To Get Into His Head During A Heated Gymnastics Competition

Entertainment Writer

One thing that is certain about Kevin Hart is that he’s very, very sure of himself in most situations. He’s out there standing around with giants like Shaq and The Rock or “hard men” like Ice Cube while cracking jokes and acting like he belongs at the front of the picture. He’s not scared to try and convince these large fellas that he’s better than them and it’s because of his stature. The same goes when he’s up against someone like Terry Crews, someone who would likely have a huge smile on his face as he tosses you over the roof of the gym.

During his appearance on Conan Tuesday, Crews shared his experience with Hart on the comedian’s new YouTube series, What The Fit. Conan was also a guest on the series, taking up sumo wrestling together and looking ridiculous in the process. Crews didn’t look half as silly and Hart’s mind worming trash talk seemed to have the opposite on the former NFL player and Battledome star.

He takes on the steady rings while Hart looks on, dominating the exercise and roaring in the process. The roars really sell it along with Hart’s reaction to the roars, even if Crews admits that he took him two weeks to recover from that and the shakes it left him with. Meanwhile, someone who is a little out of shape and possibly writing about late night clips for a living would need two weeks to recover after getting out of bed the wrong way.

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