That Play Was A Wicked Pissah

11.08.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

A few weeks back we brought you some footage of some Arkansas high school football announcers who were excited that there “ain’t no flags”, and that was a great joy that we all shared with everyone in the Natural State. But high school football is not always full of sister-kissing joy. Sometimes it can be sad and maddening, and today we have a great example of the rage that poor high school officiating can cause for some announcers.

While calling a game between the South Boston Patriots and the Worcester Patriots*, quarterback Sully O’Malley** throws what is clearly a “five yahd backwards pass”, making it a live ball, and the defender keenly grabs it and takes it to the end zone for a touchdown. But those fahkin’ refs can’t get anything right and they call it an incomplete pass, nullifying the score and ruining the lives of the two announcers. BOO! BOO YOU FREAKIN’ RETAHDS! YOU RUINED THE FAHKIN’ GAME!

Video after the jump, and there may be NSFW language but I can’t really understand half of what is being said, so exercise cahtion…

And for added rage, here’s an angry Boston Terrier:

*Not the actual schools nor mascots. Sorry Donny and Fitzy.

** Just a guess.

(Thanks to legendary minute man Vince for the tip)

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