06.19.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

The Swiss are typically a peace-loving bunch, providers that they are of cheeses and chocolates. But they're not averse to letting other nations duke it out, as evidenced by a Swiss television station running the subtitles of the Nazi version of the German national anthem before Deutschland's Euro 2008 match against Austria. Hey, what's an Anschluss between friends?

Both the Nazi version and the present-day one come from the same song, Das Deutschlandlied composed by August Heinrich Hoffmann in 1841 from music by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn.

Used in its entirety as the national anthem from 1922, the Nazis once they came to power only sang the first verse while post World War II Germany sing just the third verse, and not the lines that inadvertent viewers were treated to on Monday which included "Deutschland Deutschland uber alles".

Ouf. Who's working in their production department, Jemele Hill? Or maybe just a stray Nazi sympathizer who hasn't been tracked down yet. They didn't all flee to Argentina, you know. Ever think about that, Simon Wiesenthal? I expect your finest milk and honey for the tip. Yours truly, an obedient goy who, even though he has paintings the Nazis stole, totally isn't a racist. 

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