The Cubs Hire Not Ryne Sandberg

10.20.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Ever since Lou Piniella first announced that he was retiring from baseball, the rumor mill has been going crazy over who would be his replacement as the next manager of the Chicago Cubs. Some analysts predicted big names like Joe Torre, Joe Girardi, Tony LaRussa, Ozzie Guillen and Bob Brenly. Other experts predicted that the obvious choice was legendary Cubs second baseman and Triple A manager Ryne Sandberg. But nobody guessed it right, because Cubs GM Jim Hendry has announced that Piniella’s replacement is the team’s interim manager Mike Quade. Wait for it… wait… wait… QUAAAAAAAAAAAADE!!!

Quade has some solid street cred and this might be a good hire for the Cubs, but I have to admit that I’m distracted by Hendry still having a job. I mean, who is going to co-host Baseball Tonight with Omar Minaya now?

Tell us about this man named Quade, CBS Sports:

Instead, he stuck with Quade, who was barely known when he took over for Piniella and not much better known now. He never played in the major leagues, spending five seasons as a player bouncing around from Class A to Double-A and back. He worked all over the minor leagues as a manager, and even won the Caribbean Series once as a manager in the winter league in the Dominican Republic, but that doesn’t exactly get you notoriety.

He’ll be known now, all the more so if he can do the impossible and become the manager who finally takes the Cubs back to the World Series.

Easy now, Danny Knobler. Baby steps before we get the Cubby fan base all riled up. Quade was 24-13 as interim manager this season, and even Carlos Zambrano started to look like an ace again after Piniella left, but the Cubs are far from ready to play in October next year or even within the two-year base contract that Quade has signed. Except for Alfonso Soriano, he’s always ready for October.

Some people have suggested that Sandberg could be called upon as a bench coach, but that doesn’t appear to be happening as Yahoo! is suggesting that Sandberg is now looking at positions with other organizations. Look, I know I crap on the Cubs a lot but it’s mostly playful because I’m a Cardinals fan, which makes me incredibly intelligent and classy, but I would be outraged as a Cubs fan right now. I’m just saying, other teams have GMs that might actually want a legend who busted his ass to prove that he can manage and win running their teams.

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