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I try to avoid two hockey stories in the same day, much less two stories about metrosexual tough guy Sean Avery, but this one I did not see coming: Avery apparently used his shorts-suit to snag a cougar 23 years his senior.  The definitely always accurate Page Six says:

[Avery] is now dating Calvin Klein's ex-wife, Kelly Klein, 51. But Avery, 28, may not get much time to see her now that he's playing for the Dallas Stars. The hockey hunk, en route to Texas, was alone at p.r. guru Paul Wilmot's dinner at the Chateau Marmont Wednesday night and drowned his heartache in Ciroc vodka cocktails while being amused by Mary-Kate Olsen, James Marsden and Kate Bosworth.

Hmmmm… so the fashion-obsessed young social climber is hooking up with a well-connected and extremely wealthy older benefactor?  He really did learn a lot interning at Vogue.

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