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It seems like just yesterday that the Knicks were throwing water and towels and hissy fits at each other during a timeout.  Some people noted that that was during a game the Knicks won, so what would it be like if they were to lose, say, by 40 points to the Sixers?  If only we had an example to work with!  Oh, hey.

The Philadelphia 76ers scored 100 points through three quarters Wednesday night and crushed the Knicks, 124-84. The Knicks had turnovers on almost every possession in some stretches, took bad shots and trailed by 46 points in the third quarter. By the fourth quarter, a few fans started the familiar “Fire Isiah!” chant [Note: keep in mind the game was in Philly]. “We’ve got to keep working,” Thomas said. “All we can do is keep working.”

I'm not sure if anyone's thought of this idea yet, but maybe Isiah shouldn't keep working.  I know, I know; it seems surprising and drastic, and he's barely had enough time to prove himself during his four years as Knicks president and two years as coach.  But perhaps he'd be better off as a life coach:

On battling adversity: "OK, let's try a visualization exercise. Picture the whole world against you. It's surrounding you. Screaming at you. That's right, keep focusing. OK, now what else do you see? Maybe an obscene gesture? No? Well, picture harder then, because that's definitely what you see. And now perhaps the world is throwing something at you? Is it a 16-ounce plastic beer cup? No, no, trust me, that's what it is. OK, keep visualizing. And now repeat after me: "Fuck you, world! I'M not the problem. YOU'RE the problem. FUUUCCKK YOOUUU!!!!" And there you go. Problem solved."

So wait, Isiah Thomas is Dick Cheney's life coach?  Things are beginning to make sense.

[NYT link via Deadspin/The700Level

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