01.07.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

Try to imagine what you could do to make sure no one attended or watched a bowl game.  Pick two small-conference schools, like Tulsa and Ball State?  Check.  Play the game in Mobile, Alabma?  Check.  Make the game a blowout?  Check.  Play the game in a driving rainstorm?  All aboard for the Empty Stadium Express!

I’ve wasted half my damn morning looking for photos of the empty stadium, and it’s like the game didn’t even happen (Awful Announcing found the one you see here).  No pictures from Getty Images.  Nothing from Yahoo. nothing on the front page, and nothing on the college football page.  And ESPN showed the game! In fact, if you type “GMAC Bowl Tulsa Ball State” into Google, it will actually give you a return that says, “Did you mean ANYTHING ELSE?  ANYTHING ELSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD?  WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THAT FOR?”

I hate everything related to last night’s GMAC Bowl, and I hate everyone responsible for its existence.  I hate its placement between the Fiesta Bowl and the BCS Championship, I hate ESPN for showing it on TV, and I hate you if you disagree.

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